Glocalisation of CANAL+ in Mauritius

CANAL+ is a leader in satellite pay TV in Mauritius since 1995. It is the Mauritian company MC Vision, born from the union of CANAL OVERSEAS, the Currimjee Group and the MBC, which recognized the potential of the CANAL+ offer in Mauritius and which broadcasts, distributes and offers after-sales service for what had become in 2012, after 15 years of operation, a Bouquet of 95 satellite channels watched by nearly 100,000 subscribers.

To offer a viable economic model, MC Vision offered Mauritians 5 packages adapted to the local market demand which included both CANAL+ and CANAL SAT channels. These Mauritian specificities thus generated a unique and complex environment which required optimal brand strategies.

The brand context analysis undertaken by Brand In One at the beginning of the mission led to several key findings for the future of the CANAL+, CANAL SAT & MC Vision brands in Mauritius, particularly in the context of increasingly aggressive competition and major technological changes to come in Mauritius in the audiovisual and telephony landscape. In fact, in the wider competitive context, hyper choice was causing turmoil among Mauritian consumers. It was therefore fundamental to have well differentiated products and brands. MC Vision and CANAL+ had to position themselves and differentiate themselves even more by emphasizing both tangible and intangible parameters of their common offer. Innovation, proactive marketing and proximity was the key pieces to build differentiation and memorable experiences for their subscribers.

In that context, Brand In One organised a visioning workshop with the management team where MC Vision brand DNA platform was defined. Then, each team member of MC Vision attended a customer journey workshop where they were invited to reflect on improvements to be made to the overall customer experience across every touch points. Detailed action plans were put in place for implementation over the coming months.

Finally, Brand In One accompanied MC Vision on its communication journey for 2 years. We were requested to restructure the Communication department and developed the communication strategies (including PR plan and internal communication) for the 3 brands. We also coached and supported the junior Communication Manager in her daily activities; appointment and management of a new advertising agency, creative briefs and art direction assistance for the ongoing advertising campaigns, media plan enhancement + budget optimisation, press tools & conference/events enhancement + PR coverage/value monitoring, CRM activities enhancement, benchmarking, etc. In parallel with very creative and striking advertising campaigns for both CANAL+ (adapted from international campaigns) and CANAL SAT (entirely glocalised campaign to ensure more proximity to the Mauritian audiences), we undertook employee engagement initiatives such as competition for best retail outlet animation and team building day to ensure each team members was fully engaged in this ongoing dynamic process.

MC Vision Brand Visioning Workshop (Falaise Rouge)
Customer Journey Workshop (Île aux Deux Cocos)
MC Vision Team Building (Domaine de l'Étoile)

MC Vision / Canal+ Mauritius

Brand Insights + Analysis, Mystery Shopping, Benchmarking, Brand Strategy + Positioning, MC VISION DNA Platform + Communication Strategies for both brands, Employee Engagement, Coaching

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Brand In One

Valérie’s period at MC Vision Limited was extremely beneficial and productive. Her domain skills are unquestionable and this enabled Valérie to drive the delivery of the hard outputs. Valérie’s focus on teamwork and never losing track of the ‘person’, enabled her to build a united team and drive the team to new heights. Valérie brought a fresh outlook, new ideas, listened to all team members, understood the industry very fast which together with her wealth of industry knowledge and contacts were invaluable for MC Vision. Valérie was always conscious of cost management and at all times kept to her commitments and milestones.

Anil C Currimjee, Managing Director - Currimjee Group

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