Valérie Burrenchobay, Managing Director

about brand in one

Brand In One is a privately owned brand consultancy created in 2008 and managed by Valérie Burrenchobay.

In order to provide comprehensive and tailor-made services to Brand In One’s clients, Valérie works with a strong network of individuals and agencies (both local and international) whose skills are diverse and complementary. Valérie’s approach is to carefully select a bespoke team whose talents are best suited for a given job. This provides a flexible, creative and cost effective approach to resourcing and ensures win-win situations for everyone.

All associates observe the same rigorous work ethics as Valérie and are similarly passionate individuals fueled by a positive “can do” attitude. They also share creativity as a passion, have an eye for detail, and believe that learning is a lifelong process to be shared.

As such, the company is deeply committed to ongoing research and innovation to stay on top of its game.

at brand in one, we believe in...

These values are like our guiding star, leading us in our actions every day. They are deeply engrained within us and are reflected in everything we do and in every interaction we have. We would love to tell you more about those values and get you to experience them first hand.


Tailor-made team and services

We have been fortunate to work with some brilliant people: our made to measure team, our creative partners and of course our clients.
Our skills, experience and backgrounds are diverse, but we are all united by our passion to deliver the very best work for our clients every day in the most cost effective way.

And to bring in lots of energy!

Valérie's approach is to carefully select a bespoke team whose talents are best suited for a given job.

valérie burrenchobay
brand architect

Valérie holds an MBA from Durham University (England), a BA (Hons) from the City of London Polytechnic (England) and a DUT “Techniques de Commercialisation” from the University of Bordeaux (France). She is now a seasoned professional with over 25 years' experience, both in Europe and in Mauritius.

Valérie gained invaluable experience during the first part of her career, working with the very best in the fields of publishing (Pitman Publishing, part of Pearson Professional), hospitality, luxury, haute couture, wine and media.

She was also Director of Communications of two of the biggest and most prestigious hotel groups of Mauritius (One&Only Resorts Managed By Kerzner International/Sun Resorts 1996-2007 and Naiade Resorts 2007-2008, now Lux Resorts). She has excellent hands-on experience for the delivery of communication strategy and material that meets the industry’s highest standards of quality.

At Kerzner International, she gained extensive experience working with some of the most respected brand companies and advertising agencies in the world (Landor, Pentagram, M&C Saatchi, to name a few) to develop the famous luxury One&Only Resorts Brand. During this exhilarating branding exercise, Valérie developed a true passion for branding. Being a cross-functional discipline, it inspired her as it linked her core competencies in marketing and communication to the overall strategy of a company.

She wanted to do more of it… and wanted to expand her view of the world while sharing best practices.
Brand In One was born in 2008.

VALérie in a few words

Valérie was born in Bordeaux (France) and raised on a family wine estate ‘Chateau Magondeau’ in Fronsac. Her sources of inspiration largely come from her parents and their entrepreneurial hard working spirit which shaped her youth and her way of always treating the Client as ‘king’. Her International Marketing postgraduate studies led her to Mauritius via London (!) where she met her Mauritian husband, Dinesh. She is now Mauritian and has been living and enjoying Mauritius for over 25 years. Valerie’s unique style of exhaustive analysis and original perspectives stems from these unique international and local background and experiences.

Valérie is a bubbly, vibrant individual whose ardor and passion for life are highly contagious. Invested and committed, she spares no effort in everything she undertakes and is by nature a true go-getter. Having spent many years in the demanding field of luxury first at Thierry Mugler Haute Couture (Paris), then at One&Only Resorts (Mauritius), Valérie’s standards of quality are uncompromising and her personal motto is to continuously challenge and surpass herself. She expects no less from all those she works with… collaborators and clients alike.

Full of fun and good humour, Valérie enthusiastically shares her expertise with her clients. One must be warned though: her direct, no-frills approach has become legendary.

During her spare time, Valérie can be found walking on the beach or reading a book next to her better half. She also enjoys travelling and exploring new cultures with their two daughters.