Reenergizing the DCDM Consulting Brand

De Chazal Du Mee Consulting (DCDMC), a Mauritian IT consultancy firm (managed by Accenture) operated in a highly dynamic market with more competition, less available talents and higher costs. It benefited from the prestigious reputation gained over many decades in Mauritius and the region by DCDM (Chartered Accountants) but needed to refresh its ongoing communication. Brand In One conducted a comprehensive brand context analysis which included brand communications assessment + benchmarking, customer journeys mapping + analysis and brand image survey (through internal & external soundings with clients, partners & employees). Brand In One subsequently developed a detailed communication strategy (internal/external) and supervised the development of the new corporate identity (with a creative partner) and communication tools.

We also did

•  Brand Visioning Workshops to develop the new Brand’s DNA namely: Development of DCDMC’s Brand Vision + Mission + Brand values - Innovation, Integrity, Competence & Diversity ...with Excellence & Distinctiveness at the core

•  Brand personality + Statement of differentiation

•  Development of a Brand promise “Go beyond”

•  Brand Customer Workshops to engage DCDMC’s employees

A focused launch - targeted at the Mauritian B2B clientele - took place and was supported by a new advertising campaign and the development of a new website.

The branding exercise successfully repositioned DCDM on its three core businesses at the time: Consulting, Technology & Outsourcing. The overall initiatives also played an instrumental role in improving DCDMC’s internal communication and customer experience as well as establishing an overall stronger brand image.

DCDM Consulting

Brand Communications Assessment, Benchmarking, Customer Journey Mapping, Brand DNA platform, New Identity, Employee Engagement

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Brand In One

“Brand In One gave us a 360-degree view from our clients, employees, and partners. The newly developed brand enabled DCDMC to present a more coherent image while discussing with our partners Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and others. The branding project helped DCDMC staff to re-discover DCDMC, from its origin to where we are today. It also gave the opportunity to some staff to participate in the exercise and helped them redefine the Vision and Mission of the company. Brand In One made us aware of the importance of our image and we have now developed structured and coherent communication across the company. Today DCDMC has a new brand image and promise with clearly articulated core values and vision statement. We are ready to “Go Beyond”.

Su Lin Ong, Former Partner - DCDM Consulting

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