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Brand In One was appointed to clarify the brand positioning of two well-recognised textile brand names In’am & Maille Street and to identify new opportunities of development for the company. Brand In One led a full review of the brands and together with chosen creative teams developed new brand promises and visual and verbal identities for both brands, signature retail branding experiences (including revamped stores for both brands with a new ‘look and feel’) and Marketing and communication strategies to make the most of the different types of seasonal customers by studied adjustments of the 4 P’s (price, place, product & promotion) and implementation of full communication campaigns including extensive public relations.

Brand In One also led brand workshops in order to engage and train the employees before the launch campaigns. The repositioned brands were officially launched in concurrence with the launch of the new flagship stores in Mauritius. A website for In’am was also developed, thus opening new avenues in the field of e-commerce (aimed at its international clientele). Brand In One also created new sales opportunities for In’am & Maille Street in the luxury resorts of Mauritius.

At the outcome of the exercise, awareness of both brands increased substantially. In’am and Maille Street were better positioned, the difference between both brands and products being clearer for its audiences. Communication actions were more targeted and focused and the employees took a new sense of pride in working for these exclusive brands. Finally, the company fared well despite the difficult environment that was to come.

In’am luxury cashmere can now be found under the revisited brand ‘Atelier In’am’.

IN'AM + Maille Street

Customers Insights, New Visual + Verbal Identities, Communication Strategies + Tools for both brands, Signature Retail Experiences, Customer Service Training, Public Relations

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Brand In One

“Brand In One’s approach is methodical & efficient. Expectations were met in providing sound marketing tools for our brands (namely convincing brochures & a website to showcase our brands). Clearer differentiation between In’am & Maille Street brands was achieved together with an increased awareness for both brands on the local market. I see Brand In One as a new and promising consultancy and wish it bonne continuation !”

Shenaz Currimjee De Robillard, Former Creative Director - IN'AM + Maille Street

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