Maison La Dorade - Revealing  the 40 year old local family enterprise history and building the future…

Brand In One worked with ‘J. Rae & Cie (La Dorade)’, a family enterprise who support regional bakeries and Pastry Chefs with their ingredients, equipments and delicacies to move to its new modern identity ‘Maison La Dorade’ in the year that the company celebrated its 40 years of existence.

In the middle of the Covid pandemic, Damien Rae, Director of ‘J.Rae & Cie (La Dorade)’ personally delivered pies and flour and it was then that the Managing Director of Brand In One met him for the very first time. Impressed by the highly personalised service and curious why a company that sells flour would be named after a fish, the reasoning behind this very special name was briefly explained by Mr Rae and it was agreed to further explore these, once the pandemic was over. 

2 years later, Brand In One started the rebranding process following an extensive brand image survey with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the company. Our first intuition was to change the name which could be confusing but on further assessment and based on the feedback received on the market, we believed that the family’s heritage was more important while adding a modern touch for the future. We decided not only to keep the name created by the grand father 40 years ago (composed of the names of the 3 Rae children - Doreen, Anthony, Dennis) and to highlight this differentiating family heritage by adding the notion of “Maison”. This was followed by work for a simplified brand architecture by grouping the 3 companies (and the 5 brands!) under a single commercial umbrella brand 'Maison La Dorade' which offers the advantage of simpler, more effective communication and a smoother customer experience.

With the new generation of owners at the helm, we then developed a new, modern, young and vibrant identity through this rebranding which reflected the new spirit of “Maison La Dorade’

The name of a brand is of course important/essential but it is everything that comes with it and everything that creates this brand to life that brings the elements of success.

Brand In One is now working closely with the owners on various communication initiatives  (advertising, social media, public relations, etc.) and at the same time incorporating a sense of pride in the new identity and company values for all the team members. The latest initiative was the successful launch event for a new coffee brand from East Africa which Maison La Dorade represents exclusively : “ Acacia Coffee”. 

Maison La Dorade

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Brand In One

Une équipe dynamique, sympathique, talentueuse et pleine de ressources. Au fait des dernières tendances, proactive et à l écoute. Nous sommes très heureux d’être accompagnés par Brand In One sur notre communication et commençons déjà à récolter les fruits de notre rebranding. Notre nouvelle identité, moderne et joyeuse est tout à fait en ligne avec notre état d’esprit et nos futurs plans pour Maison La Dorade.

Damien Rae, Managing Director - Maison La Dorade

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