Bringing positive vibrations and happiness with creative team building events

We have successfully organized team building events bringing and connecting BrandActiv’s employees together through fun, 3 years in a row.


Decoding messages, riding on wild horses (not too wild though!), zip lining and battling agents were part of the challenges of the day. The ‘Mission impossible’ day was a success as each ‘agent’ got to know his/her buddies, communicate and collaborate better. Not to mention the major fun attached (yes, the dance battle was hilarious!!!).

Worth noting that this event was HRDC reimbursable.


Next was the organization of BrandActiv’s own version of “Les Jeux des Îles de l’Océan Indien" ; “Les Jeux Des ZilActiv”.

We made sure that all the 300 employees, of all ages, all physical conditions (very fit and not fit at all), shy people or exuberant people had fun, were safe, ate well and lived one of the most memorable experience in their employee’s life.  It was just magical to see how every team member impersonated so well the Indian Ocean Countries and culture they had been attributed. So much energy, passion, bouncing and bonding! Better than the real ‘Jeux des Îles”!!!


The choice of the Super Heroes theme was timely in view of the challenging times Mauritius and the whole world was going through. It was the occasion to celebrate BrandActiv’s heroes as not every hero wears a cape… Yet again, an amazing day.

At this stage, pictures and videos speak louder than words. And if you need more convincing, come and talk to us.


Team Buildings: Senior Management + Full Company (300 persons)

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I have had the privilege of meeting and working with Valérie Burrenchobay on various projects, ranging from team development, team building, team engagement, and bonding. She is multi-talented and has a high sense of conceptualization with a detailed orientation. She has amazed me with her capacity to conceptualize tailor-made solutions that met our requirements. Superbly dedicated with a high level of passion and positive energy, she would deliver professional solutions that would blow out everyone. She is an amazing talent!

Vanessa Armance, Former Human Capital Business Partner - BrandActiv

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