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Jade Group is a successful property development and management company in Mauritius and is active in all segments of the market: office, commercial, residential and land. It is also a seasoned real estate company which has been serving the corporate world for more than 30 years. The sustained development of the company had led to a wide range of offers in various sectors. Its diversified portfolio had made it increasingly challenging to communicate in one tone/on one media and equally difficult to be understood by the various target markets. It became essential to clarify Jade’s positioning.

Brand In One embarked on a comprehensive Marketing audit (including an in-depth internal and external communications audit, corporate clients’ insights & benchmarking) and analysis. We then developed a communication strategy for the launch of Raffles Tower and designed a new corporate identity with our creative partner. Communication tools (corporate brochure, generic advertisements, new website, billboards, etc.) were produced together with brand design guidelines.

We also mapped out the various touchpoints of the customer journey to improve the overall experience. Finally, we coached the Sales & Marketing Department team members and organised a team building day to engage the whole company to all move in the same direction.

The outcome was a strong and well positioned, up market brand image for the launch of the iconic Raffles Tower with all available office space rented out in a timely manner. Internally, the Sales & Marketing team acquired improved sales and prospecting practices as well as enhanced customer relationship management techniques.

Jade Group - Raffles Tower

Marketing Audit, Communication Strategy + Tools for the Launch of Raffles Tower, Customer Experience Enhancement, Coaching of Sales & Marketing Team

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Brand In One

“Brand In One has been pivotal in the marketing of the Raffles Tower project through its contacts and previous marketing experience. The end product has been the production of high-class promotional tools as well as a good public awareness of the project. The main impact on our project is a more consistent and professional approach to marketing and selling. By receiving unbiased feedback, the team has been able to become more professional. Valerie’s previous hotel experience added a different dimension to our way of doing business. Her approach was very detailed, structured, and professional. Furthermore, we were happy to note a slightly better customer loyalty in the residential area.”

Clifford Fon Sing, Chief Executive Officer - Jade Group

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