Building Strong Foundations

When General Construction decided to refresh its identity, its agency P&P Link appointed Brand In One to assist in the brand context analysis and the development of its brand mission, vision and values. We started by undertaking an image survey with over 100 stakeholders of the General Construction brand across the island, including the team members itself (mix of face to face interviews + very dynamic focus groups on the constructions sites!) and the amazing visits of NGOs and school sponsored by General Construction. Our research helped us better understand the history behind General Construction, its industry, its markets, its clients and their respective needs/expectations, its competitors and to have an overall clearer image of where General Construction’s differences were. This research was then complemented by some benchmarking, communications assessment and market trends analysis. Finally, we designed and animated a one day brand visioning workshop where the top management of General Construction was invited to ‘dream bigger’ and imagine the General Construction of tomorrow.

Using Brand In One’s work as a foundation, P&P Link completed their assignment of designing its very striking and recognisable heart-shaped logo and associated communications.

General Construction

Image Survey, Business Insights + Analysis, General Construction’s Purpose, Vision + Values Definition

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Brand In One

"Our rebranding journey started in 2015 with the intervention of Brand in One who helped lay our brand foundations properly. This ground work and its full brand analysis process paved the way to what was a very rich rebranding process that every General Construction employees will never forget"

Didier Adam, Managing Director - General Construction

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