A new era for an industry legend

In 2011, Harel Frères’ overall identity needed a new look and felt out of tune with the reality of the conglomerate that it was evolving into. Brand In One was appointed by Luxury Branding to undertake a detailed brand context analysis which included interviews with employees and the various stakeholders of the brand. We discovered that the new brand needed to convey modern expertise while finding ways to showcase the group’s deep ties to the ‘earth’, its main differentiator. Terra was born.

In 2016, Brand In One conceptualised and developed a 4h ‘brand-into-action’ training program which was attended by all the 1000+ employees of the group (head office + all the subsidiaries) over 2 months. We successfully managed to motivate and ensure the team members of different background (industry, education, jobs, age group) understood the newly developed value ‘Tenacity’ by allowing them to explore the notion in 4 different creative workshops held conjointly. We even created a 100% Mauritian Kreole version of the workshop for some of the front liners. An extraordinary enriching, bounding and engaging experience for all the attendees who came out of the workshop fully invigorated.

Discovering tenacity everywhere

Terra Group

Brand Image Survey + Business Insights for the Rebranding of Harel Frères. Employee Engagement + Culture, Tenacity Value Activation Plan + Creative Workshops + Communication Tools

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Brand In One

“Nous avons appris à connaître Valérie lors de notre exercice de rebranding en 2011. Au cours de ce projet, Valérie a fait montre de professionnalisme, d’une expertise indéniable et d’un excellent relationnel. Sa connaissance intime des réalités du Marché Mauricien a permis à Brand In One d’offrir une contribution forte appréciable, ceci en toute complémentarité des services prodigués par le cabinet de conseil International retenu. Consultante passionnée par son sujet, Valérie est curieuse, réfléchie, impliquée personnellement et toujours à l’écoute. Sa bonne humeur quotidienne et son enthousiasme sans limite sont contagieux pour les personnes qui travaillent en collaboration avec elle.”

Cyril Mayer, Former Chief Executive Officer - Terra Group

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