Luxury Nest – Curating a new luxury brand for real estate start-up 

Brand In One was commissioned by Hélène Taylor, a highly successful and experienced real estate professional in Mauritius, the owner of Luxury Nest to develop the new brand identity and communication tools for her newly formed company. 

Based on Brand in One’s experience with luxury hospitality, the team worked on developing the brand identity which depicts the essence of contemporary luxury and blends harmoniously with tropical island living. Brand in One’s team crafted a black and white brand identity with simple clean lines both timeless and memorable. A fresh colour palette of soft green, turquoise blue and sandy brown adds a relaxed chic ambience to the branding styling. 

The brand promise “Tropical Lifestyle Redefined” was also developed to encapsulate the essence of what Luxury Nest offers to its discerning clientele. It is a commitment to transforming the conventional understanding of tropical living, offering a unique blend of luxury, comfort and cultural richness. This promise is a guiding principle that permeates every aspect of the brand’s services - from carefully curated property selections to personalised relocation support. It speaks to a sophisticated audience seeking more than just a home, but a reimagined way of life that balances luxury with the serene beauty of a tropical paradise.

Brand in One developed a photographic style for Luxury Nest which is a harmonious blend of black and white with colour imagery, meticulously chosen to highlight textures and details which expresses quiet luxury living. A brand monogram was also created representing this distinctive brand in a more abstract manner. The letters “LN” (also Hélène !) highlight and showcases her personal approach ‘L’île Maurice sur mesure” while remaining in the luxury and exclusive experience. 

Brand In One’s assignment also covered the definition of Luxury Nest’s brand architecture with 3 distinctive poles of business activities (Signature Properties, Relocation & Real Estate Consultancy) and the deployment of Hélène brand story in the most authentic way in a brochure, website and social media in order that Luxury Nest stands out in the highly competitive world of luxury real estate.

Luxury Nest

Brand Strategy + Architecture, Brand DNA, Brand Identity, Photography, Brochure & Folder, Stationery, Website, Social Media Management, Keynote, Brand Guidelines

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Brand In One

Depuis le début de l’aventure, j’ai à coeur de sélectionner des partenaires de choix, partageant des valeurs fortes, et avec qui l’aventure rime avec plaisir, expertise et bonne humeur !!! Merci à Brand In One et leur équipe pour ce travail millimétré et leur approche bienveillante !

Hélène Taylor, Founder & Managing Director - Luxury Nest

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