Transforming a global security business into a glocal brand with purpose

The well-known global security brand Brinks has been operating in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region for the last 17 years. On the occasion of this major milestone, we have been accompanying Brinks for the last 5 years in its repositioning, communications, customer experience and employee engagement initiatives.

At the beginning of the exercise, we conducted an extensive discovery process, involving stakeholder interviews (ie: employees, customers, partners and media members), benchmarking, mystery shopping, market trend analysis and brand communications audit. Based on our findings and a very enriching and creative envisioning workshop with Brinks’ Top Management, we unlocked the brand’s power and new brand promise “Feel secure, Live Safe” in a post Covid world. The brand architecture was simplified with a clear and logical hierarchy of 4 main clusters of activities (Business Security, Home Protection, Cash Management, Consulting & Training) and leveraging Brink’s strong corporate master brand. We then progressively revealed Brink’s Mauritius new promise and communications to its various audiences : the development of a new corporate video, new stationery and corporate advertising, a completely revamped new website, recruitment advertising campaign and opening of a unique experience concept store. More to come…

Brink’s Concept Store At Pinpoint Business Park, Mauritius

Brand In One was delighted to assist and collaborate in the project management of this new innovative and high tech Brink's Concept store at Pinpoint. We assisted the internal team on delivering on the promise of a one-of-a-kind store showcasing the history of this internationally renowned brand and all the services of Brink's Mauritius under one roof.

A lot of hard work, patience and innovative concepts resulted in this stunning experience showroom. Happy Clients and seal of approval from the Brink's Mauritius team is the best reward for Brand In One !

Brink’s Mauritius National Recruitment Campaign

In November 2023, Brand In One conceptualised a full 360° recruitment campaign commissioned by Brink’s which was featured on the National MBC1 TV (during the main news), on two of the main weekly newspapers (Week end & 5Plus), on two radios and finally on Facebook which was a first for Brink’s Mauritius. An employee testimonial approach on the Facebook page was extremely successful and in less than 3 weeks, a large number of prospective recruits were sourced. A lot of engagement  (over 200,201 actions taken on Brink’s Facebook page  with only 11 posts) was also generated amongst Brink’s Mauritius’ employees and externally too.  The videos were a hit with over 85,000 thruplays. To be continued…


Brand Image Survey, Business Insights & Analysis, Brand Benchmarking, Mystery Shopping, Brand Strategy + Positioning, Brand Envisioning + Purpose Refinement Workshop, Brand DNA Platform, Brand Architecture, Corporate Video, Brand Communication plan, Concept Store, Stationery, Livery, Corporate Press Kit, Corporate Website, Corporate Advertising Campaign, Recruitment Campaign, Facebook Management, Public Relations, Roller Banners, Polos + Giveaway, Note pad + Calendar

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Il faut du temps pour se connaitre et se faire confiance, mais parfois quelques minutes suffisent pour savoir que quelqu’un nous comprend, saura nous écouter et nous orienter dans la bonne direction. C’est ce sentiment et cette expérience que nous partageons depuis quelques années avec Brand in One dans le cadre de nos différents projets de communication. Curieuse du moindre détail de notre activité, Valérie sait nous observer avec les yeux de nos clients, nos collaborateurs ou nos partenaires pour mieux nous faire partager ses analyses et sa créativité.

Eric Rey, Chief Executive Officer - Brinks Indian Ocean

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