Consolidating Temple Group’s leadership position

The Temple Group of Companies comprises of a series of vertically integrated professional, legal and business solutions which together aim at providing a 'one stop shop' for corporate clients. Its core business is corporate law but its scope has a wider reach and it became necessary to review the brand architecture to reposition the Group on its main sectors of activity (legal + corporate services+ knowledge) while re-affirming its positioning as a leading full-service legal and corporate practice specialised in business law - the most innovative with practical advice and personalised service.

What we did

• Image survey amongst Temple Group's main stakeholders

• Temple Groups' Brand DNA Platform

• A full brand architecture review

• Customer journeys Improvement (via workshop)

• A detailed communication strategy for the group and marketing plans for each SBU to achieve those objectives

The outcome of the exercise was a clearer and stronger brand image resulting in a better understanding of the various services offered and better cross selling, increased brand visibility and a stronger group culture through team building exercises and a new organisational structure.

Temple Group

Image Survey, Business Insights + Analysis, Temple Group’s Purpose, Vision + Values Definition, Brand DNA, Marketing Plan + Communication Strategy

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Brand In One

"Brand in One was very attentive to our needs and did a very good job of understanding our activities and the operations of the financial services and legal sector for the purpose of our branding exercise. The hands on approach was much appreciated. There was a lot of interesting information that came from the customer journey and plenty to think about. The work of Valerie can be best described as customer friendly and very supportive of the clients' needs. The most important contribution was to create an awareness (firstly internal) regarding the group identity and its possible implementation as a marketing tool with our partners. There was also a boost of confidence and a sense of team spirit amongst the employees in the course of the branding exercise – this is still work in progress. We are more aware of what our clients think of us and are thus better able to assist them. Our partners were excited with our branding endeavours."

Urmila Boolell, Group Head/Head of Chambers - Temple Group

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