A fresh face and experience for Océane Cruises Mauritius

After over three decades of operation, Océane Cruises Mauritius gained a new lease of life, keeping in mind its philosophy of continuous improvement, to better meet the changing expectations of its guests while promoting the best that Mauritius has to offer.

The company went through an extensive rebranding exercise under the guidance of Brand In One. The brand needed to make 3 significant shifts – refocus on its story, culture and philosophy that truly differentiated it, elevate the experience of the customers so it would have a real competitive asset clearly perceptible by its target audiences and redefine the brand’s visual and verbal identity, in line with the new trends.

Of course, developing a strong brand and maintaining it to its highest standards is a continuous process and new experiences are being created right now for Océane Cruises guests. Once our paradise island reopens to the world, guests will be able to enjoy the beach and turquoise ocean that have never been so clean and pure, to (re)discover the tropical lagoon fauna that is even more colorful and plentiful, the lobsters that have grown, the watermelon that are sweeter and juicier…

What we did

First, we conducted a comprehensive brand context analysis of the company including an internal and external image survey and a benchmarking exercise to fully understand the brand, its positioning on the market and its potential in it. We then developed a new brand DNA, brand positioning and simplified the brand architecture to make it more customer centric.

We developed a communication strategy and designed a fresh brand identity with our creative partners which was deployed throughout the customer experience (new logo type, new imagery and videos, soft refurbishing and makeover of the boats, new uniforms, cars, etc.) and infused into audience messaging and associated touch points. Finally, we produced the various communication tools and activities to better attract new customers who research on-demand, personal, engaging and customised experience; e-commerce website, brochure, PR and advertising campaign on digital platforms…

Brand visioning workshop and customer journey redefinition

At the outset, and as part of the rebranding exercise, some team members met to develop the brand DNA (mission, vision and brand values) of the ‘Easterlies of tomorrow’. Each one of them could contribute through their openness and creativity and take part in this critical exercise.

Then, all the 50 crew members gathered over two days to explore and reflect on the new Océane cruises revamped packages while discovering whole new experiences. Sailors on zip lines and horses… A challenging environment which, in addition to motivate and engage the team members in the overall rebranding exercise, allowed them to make a parallel and understand better their guests ‘feeling while being on their catamarans (some guests do not know how to swim and have amazing experiences in the safe hands of the Océane cruises crew). This team building exercise provided a great opportunity for bounding and for defining a better and more differentiated customer experience.

Océane Cruises Mauritius

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Brand In One

Valérie nous a été d’un immense support pour nous aider à nous réinventer (…) Sa connaissance approfondie de l’industrie hôtelière et touristique de Maurice ainsi que ses compétence ‘métier’ nous ont permis de bénéficier des meilleurs conseils pour développer notre nouvelle marque commerciale ‘Océane Cruises Mauritius’ en ligne avec les attentes changeantes du marché. Elle a su nous accompagner à la fois d’une main ferme mais aussi flexible, son expérience PME lui donnant l’ouverture d’esprit nécessaire pour comprendre les réalités de notre entreprise. Elle a géré l’ensemble du projet dans les meilleurs délais et de la façon la plus ‘cost-efficient’.

Jacques & Christine Leclezio, Owners & Directors - Océane Mauritius Cruises

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