Building new solid foundations from history

Brand In One was contacted as the well-established, diversified conglomerate Harel Mallac Group was in need of a partner to help accompany and shape its brands portfolio growth. As a first step, Valerie Burrenchobay conducted a 2-hour presentation/debate at the Group’s Annual Communication Meeting in February 2010 to introduce the subject of branding to its 60 top management executives.

Subsequently, Harel Mallac entrusted Brand In One in conducting a very comprehensive audit (Brand Context Analysis) which took place over the period October 2010 to July 2011.

The objectives of the audit were:

•  To get an overall perception of Harel Mallac Group both internally & externally (all stakeholders) - to achieve this, both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were used (employees focus groups, face to face personal interviews + general public survey);

•  to investigate Harel Mallac’s markets and its position and potential within them (as a group and for its various SBUs);

•  to generate insights about the Group’s customers and their needs;

•  to identify the Group’s best practices and opportunities for achieving differentiation of the various brands of the group.

The outcome of the brand context analysis was a deep understanding of the branding and communication needs and opportunities of the Group in the context of its operational 2020 Vision thereby ensuring that the subsequent branding strategic direction and development of the group were built on solid foundations.

Harel Mallac

Corporate Brand + Subsidiaries Brands’ Research (Mauritius, Zambia + Madagascar) Image Survey, Business Insights + Analysis

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Brand In One

“Clearly you have a view and knowledge on branding and you had the courage of your convictions. You are fact-based, you came out with ideas and the methodology followed was very detailed. You have a very detailed understanding of the industries and issues at hand and clearly understand Harel Mallac – a strength. You understand Mauritius. Your value offering was good. You were the right transitional fit for Harel Mallac.”

Christopher Boland, Former CEO - Harel Mallac

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