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La Sentinelle Group

La Sentinelle is one of the most successful Multi-Media Groups in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. It is active in all sectors of the information/publishing market: publishing and printing of newspaper (national newspaper l’express, l’express Dimanche and 5 Plus), designing (Graphic Press design agency), radio broadcasting (Radio One), printing (Caractere), advertising (showbiz and billboards network), publishing of specialized magazines and newsletters (Essentielle, Lacase, Energie), etc.

In 2009, La Sentinelle was in need of a partner to help create, develop and implement a new strategy for growth on the local and regional market. With the objective of carrying on being recognized as the leader in the field, La Sentinelle wanted to build a stronger premium and well-recognized brand.

There was a need to:

  • Refresh and tidy up the brands within the Group (all brands require a refresh from time to time and great brands manage this process on a continuous basis)
  • Improve cross-selling within the Group
  • Bond employees and make them feel part of a ‘bigger picture’ with a common sense of purpose
  • Harmonise the communication of the different companies belonging to the Group.

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After a detailed Brand Context Analysis the result was the development of:
  • A brand promise “Pour devancer demain” (“Ahead of tomorrow”) which underpinned La Sentinelle’s passion for the country and its desire to contribute to its development by leading the way in the media sector. The brand promise highlighted La Sentinelle’s pioneering spirit which has always been its trademark, together with a passion for innovation, quality and rigour.
  • Brand values: “Excellence, independence, creativity, optimism and credibility”
  • Brand architecture and portfolio strategy (Semi endorsed strategy, Sentinelle Expression; Sentinelle Impression; Sentinelle Edition; Sentinelle Communication)
  • Brand identity (New visual identity, developed with the help of an external creative agency)
  • Brand experience (Customer Journey Workshops: translating the promise into a valuable experience)

The energised, repositioned Sentinelle brand was introduced during an official launch of the new logo and brand promise in January 2010 and was promptly followed by the launch of the newly redesigned l’express national newspaper.